Tuin de Lage Oorsprong

Tuin de Lage Oorsprong is alive: there is something for everyone. Garden lovers admire the garden rooms, art lovers have fun visiting the temporary exhibitions, whereas connoisseurs enjoy a cup of coffee and an honest, delicious piece of cake. On Sundays many listen to the gardening programme, an emotive story or music in the leafy amphitheatre. Visitors of all ages can pick berries or flowers or receive answers to those pressing questions in the labyrinth. Children play for ages with wooden boats in the water and drive tin cars around the garden. The watercourse in the garden boasts 9 waterfalls, making it quite a challenge to navigate your boat downstream safely. 

In 2017 our season runs from Sunday 16th April to 30th September.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 - 17:00

Entrance fee: Adults € 4,50 Children up to 12 years free.